Powerful, Self-Serve Competitor Analytics

Realytics is a digital analytics platform for Cafés and Restaurants where consumer stories reveal competitor insights

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Unique Data Blend

Performance, Marketing, and Customer Experience analytics – all in one.

Competitor Insights

All metrics to benchmark against competitors and industry leaders.
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One Platform

Empowering every manager with the ability to make data-driven decisions, fast.


Meet Consumers’ Needs

Evaluate your business with a profound and quantified understanding of your customers’ preferences and impressions.

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Know How Changes Made Impact

Check the outcomes of your efforts to confirm that they lead to significant gains and to avoid costly decision missteps in any aspect of your business.

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Identify What Drives Consumers

By knowing the specific drivers of customer satisfaction and their underlying reasons, you can empower your business strategy and deliver better service and products.

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Benchmark Against Competitors

By comparing yourself to competitors, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, and unique attributes that make your business stand out.

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No Need to Wait for Results

At Realytics, we’re constantly collecting and analyzing all the pertinent data related to your business. No setup or integration is required.

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