How We Measure the Real World

At Realytics, we are helping businesses worldwide to get consumer analytics to enhance their products, services, sales and marketing strategies.

Marketing & Growth
  • Understand competition performance
  • Improve awareness
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Product & Innovations
  • Align with consumer needs
  • Decrease time to market
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Research & Insights
  • Identify gaps and market trends
  • Find a competitive advantage
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Customer Experience
  • Improve touchpoint experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Improve profitability
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Top-tier data sources that are trusted by consumers

We connect businesses exclusively with top-tier data sources that are trusted by consumers and committed to combating fraudsters.

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With the help of people and technology that closely monitor Maps  24/7, we’re able to take swift action against scammers,  ranging from content removal and account suspension to litigation.

Dan Pritchett, Principal Software Engineer, Google Maps

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Our goal is to ensure that  every review in Amazon’s stores is trustworthy and reflects customers’ actual experiences.  Amazon welcomes authentic reviews—whether positive or negative—but strictly prohibits fake reviews that intentionally mislead customers.

David Montague, Vice President of Selling Partner Risk, Amazon

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Google has done substantial work to combat fake reviews, including by implementing policies prohibiting fake reviews and developing and  implementing systems to identify and remove fake reviews, often before users even see them.  

Google Response to Request for Comments on the Reviews and Endorsements ANPR, P214504


All your decisions can now be driven by the most important data there is — reality

More Data. More Insights

Each month, Realytics collects consumer feedback from millions of web pages, building a trusted data source for our clients' decisions.

Like a search engine's web index, we manage an index of reputable data sources to obtain verified consumer feedback.

Ready-to-Use Analytics

Having proprietary NLP/ML techniques and advanced algorithms, we analyze live and historical data from consumer reviews. This, in turn, enables us to create detailed reports.

Such information as brand positions, topic volume, customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and more empowers businesses to learn best practices and avoid pitfalls in their industries.

Local and Global Perspectives

Our data analysis takes into account individual customer experiences and interactions at specific points of sale, allowing us to gather localized insights.

By aggregating and analyzing data from multiple locations, we uncover broader trends and attributes that extend beyond a single place, providing businesses with comprehensive market performance insights at various levels.


For Café and Restaurants Industry we have:

organizations are updated regularly
people shared their experience
countries and territories are actively explored

Historical data since 2020

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