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At Realytics, we simplify consumer understanding and competitive benchmarking for any brand in any location to help businesses grow.

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Realytics is  a real-time independent source  of Customer Voice only big companies could afford until now.

Independent Business Consultant, ex-KFC and ex-McDonald’s Germany CMO

Our Story

At Realytics, we began with a passion for analytics and a vision to bring the speed and insight of digital tools to the business-to-consumer sector.

Our firsthand experience has taught us that analytics are no walk in the park. Many businesses grapple with the challenge of gathering and analyzing crucial data, resulting in sporadic efforts, often confined to larger corporations.

The harsh reality is that effectively measuring performance through insightful metrics remains an elusive goal for most real-world businesses.

We've all witnessed the digital revolution reshape businesses, with tools like Google Analytics, and now, we see Mixpanel and Amplitude emerging as vital assets for digital products. Yet, amidst this digital surge, a notable gap remains unattended in the real world – the absence of similar solutions for offline businesses.

In today's competitive landscape, deciphering consumer behavior and maintaining a competitive edge are essential for sustained growth, and that's where we come in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies learn from customers and competitors.

With Realytics, every manager can have an AI-powered tool to shape the future of real-world products, services, and businesses as a whole. We aim to empower every manager to independently explore their market, competitors, and consumers at any given time.

We firmly believe that you can only manage what you can measure. That's why we've created an analytical product that transforms your customers' emotions into actionable business metrics for your company, bridging the gap between offline businesses and the world of data-driven decision-making.

Core Team

We have dedicated over two decades to developing diverse digital analytics products. Now, we are excited to channel this extensive experience into our work at Realytics.

portrait of Tony Popov

Tony Popov

Founder, CEO

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Mike Razuvaev


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Gala Tikhonchuk

Quality & Operations

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Alex Laryanovski


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Evgenii Matveev

Product Marketing & Growth

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